Below are a number of our most frequently asked questions, before messaging us please take a look through as they can often answer most questions.

If you are still having a problem with your Music Angel product then please get in touch on our contact us page.

I can't find a retailer that stocks Music Angel products?

Have you checked our ‘retailers’ page? If so and still can’t get hold of one of our products then please get in touch on our contact us page and we will try to help.

Is there any additional equipment I need for Music Angel products?

No there is not. We use standard plugs in order for this little speaker to connect to almost anything. You can connect it to your PC, MAC, iPhone, iPod, iPad, cellphone, MP3-player, laptop or tablet just to mention some of the possibilities. This speaker is compatible to any electronic device provided that it has a standard port for a 3.5 mm mini-jack, Micro-USB or USB.

Why should I connect multiple Music Angel Friendz?

Well, you don’t need to connect Music Angel Friendz-units in order to use them. They work just fine even if you play your music using only one speaker. But you can maximize the fun and play your music even louder by connecting Music Angel Friendz – connect as many you like!

How do I connect Music Angel speakers with each other?

You can connect Music Angel speakers with each other by using the 3.5mm jack cable included when purchased. You can connect as many units as you like using mini-jack/Micro-USB. See our blog post ‘Music Angel Speaker Guide’ for more information.

How long does the battery last until I have to charge it?

The high performance lithium-battery integrated in this compact speaker has an extreme capacity. The runtime is of course best when you’re playing music at low volume. Total battery life is up to 120 hours!

How do I charge Music Angel products?

Music Angel Products are charged by using micro USB to USB cable that are included when purchased. To charge the speaker you must turn it off and connect it to a PC/MAC or any standard USB-charger. Use the Micro-USB/USB-plugs and see to that the PC/MAC is turned on when charging the speaker. A LED-light on the bottom of the speaker illuminates to indicate that the unit is charging properly.

My Music Angel product won’t charge?

Make sure the speaker is turned off while charging and that the micro USB cable is connected properly, plugging the Micro-USB to the unit and the USB to the PC/MAC or in any standard USB-charger. Your PC/MAC must be turned on for the speaker to charge. If the unit still won’t charge please get in touch on our contact from for technical support.

How do I change the battery?

The battery is integrated so it’s not possible to change it. Contact customer support if there seems to be a problem with the battery in your unit.

I have lost my audio cable!

Our units are compatible with any 3.5mm jack cable that can be purchased online or from many high street retailers.

The Micro-USB port on my Music Angel Friendz speaker is broken

If the Micro-USB port is damaged you can still connect any ordinary audio-cable to the LINE OUT-port on your unit in order to use it. For more information please contact us.

How do I adjust the volume/audio settings on Music Angel Friendz?

You don’t. The volume and audio settings has to be adjusted on the audio device you’re using when playing music. If you for example connect your MP3-player to Music Angel Friendz, use the volume control and audio settings on your MP3-player.

Where do I find the serial number for my Music Angel Friendz-unit?

The unique 9-digit serial number is at the bottom of your unit.