Music Angel Best Friendz

Technical Spec

The Music Angel Best Friendz takes portability to the next level. Available in our
9 awesome colours the Best Friendz can provide over 120 hours of fun whilst being
able to be slipped into a pocket for an instant party wherever you are!

Best Friendz can also be daisy chained with any of our other speaker models
for a deeper and more immersive sound. Downward facing driver also provides a deeper
sound, try placing on different surfaces and see what sounds the best for you!


The system runs off an internal 3.7-volt lithium battery that lasts for over 120 hours of playing time.
When you need to recharge, there’s no need to hunt for batteries, as the system comes included with
a USB to mini-USB charging cable that’ll charge the system from empty to full in less than 3 hours.


The Music Angel Friendz system uses a 3.5mm mini-audio-jack as input for the system. Connect your MP3 player,
phone, or any digital device that uses a 3.5mm jack to the system, and use the volume control on your
device to adjust the sound level.

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