Getting the party started with Music Angel Friendz

Just got your first Music Angel speaker? I hope you are as excited as we were when we first got ours!

Here you will find a few handy tips for using your speaker, alongside some of the technical lingo that will put you miles ahead of the class when showing all your friends!

Is it on?!

First up, lets make sure your getting some sound out of this little speaker!

  1. Simply plug in the 3.5mm jack cable (the round one!) that came with your speaker into the ‘line in’ port on the back of your speaker – then plug the other end into the headphone port of your Mp3 player, phone, laptop or whatever you play your music from.
  2. Flick the switch on the back of your Music Angel speaker, see a blue light? Your good to go!
  3. Turn up that volume! You may notice there is no volume control on our speakers – it is all controlled from the device you are playing music from. Make sure that your device has the volume turned up!
  • Not seeing a blue light? Check out ‘lights, camera action!’ below for more information on the light indicators
  • Got a blue light but no sound? Check that both ends of the 3.5mm jack are securely in the ‘line in’ of the speaker, and the headphone port of whatever device you are playing from.
  • Still having problems? Speak to our support team who will help you out.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The small coloured lights on our speakers tell you more than you think, heres how it goes:

  • Blue means the speaker is powered on
  • Red means the speaker is charging – the light will turn off when the speaker is fully charged
  • Purple means the speaker is charging & is powered on! (remember the speaker will charge slower when charging and in use!)

There called Friendz for a reason!

All of our speakers can be linked together to make a better, louder and all round more fun listening experience. Follow the steps below to get going!

  1. Connect Friendz together using 3.5mm jack cables in the ‘line out’ to ‘line in’ ports of your speakers, making sure that the first speaker in the chain has your music device connected to the ‘line in’.
  2. Power up all speakers, remember one speaker with no battery will mean those behind it will not play!
  3. Play your music as normal from your device – the sound will be played from all of your Friendz speakers!

All out of power? Well lets get this party started again!

Charging your Music Angel Friendz is as simple as playing music with it! Simply plug the 5v micro USB cable provided into the back of your speaker and the other end into a USB port. The USB port can be connected to a mains socket, or even a laptop or portable power device – just make sure that it is turned on!

You will know the speaker is charging from the purple light that is showing on the front or below your speaker – when it turns off your speaker is fully charged.

What NOT to do with your speaker!

  • Don’t get it wet, or keep it in a damp environment
  • Do not place it in or close to sources of an open flame
  • Do not expose to excessive heat
  • Don’t just throw it in the bin! Due to the lithium ion battery inside our speakers must be disposed of responsibly. Please contact your local retailer for information on where to do so.
  • Don’t play me too loud for constant periods of time, or hold the unit close to your ears at high volume! Our speakers are capable of playing at high volumes, which if exposed to for prolonged periods of time can damage or impair your hearing!

Want the super tech stuff?

For the technical specifications of our products please take a look at the individual units on our products page

Still confused?

If you are still confused, or having a little trouble getting your head around your super new speaker then please drop us a message on our contact us page and we will be happy to help!

Happy listening!

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