Music Angel Wireless Friendz

Technical Spec

The Music Angel Wireless Friendz is not only a portable bluetooth speaker,
it’s a stereo receiver, enabling you to output via 3.5mm jack into your home
stereo system, whilst still playing your music over bluetooth!

Wireless Friendz can also be daisy chained with any of our other speaker models
for a deeper and more immersive sound. Still want to be wireless? Place the Wireless
Friends at the start of your chain and turn all of our previous models into a wireless system!


The system runs off an internal 3.7-volt lithium battery that lasts for over 30 hours of playing time.
When you need to recharge, there’s no need to hunt for batteries, as the system comes included with
a USB to mini-USB charging cable that’ll charge the system from empty to full in less than 3 hours.


The Music Angel Friendz system uses a 3.5mm mini-audio-jack as input for the system. Connect your MP3 player,
phone, or any digital device that uses a 3.5mm jack to the system, and use the volume control on your
device to adjust the sound level.

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