What Music Angel Speaker Are You Today?

We all know that every picture tells a story – but what does the colour of your speaker say? Have you got that lime green fun sound, or that purple old school?

Tell us what you think your speaker says!

Lime – Fun

Mary Clark – Take Me I’m Yours

The lime Music Angel Friendz is there for the late nights dancing around the kitchen with friends. Fun, carefree, and funkier than a 70’s LA disco, we made the lime Music Angel Friendz for the best of times.

Teamed up here with the disco classic ‘Take Me I’m Yours’ by Mary Clark, we bet you’ll be shuffling round the kitchen by the end of the track.

Black – Heavy

Phlake – So Faded

The rainy Sunday afternoons, the long car journeys, the late nights and early mornings at home; the black Music Angel Friendz are for those soulful moments in your life.

Teamed up here with Danish collective Phlake, and their 2016 sleeper hit ‘So Faded’ – we’d recommend saving this one for a Saturday night at home with some takeaway 🙂

Blue – Intellectual

James Blake ft Chance the Rapper – Life Round Here

We made the the blue Music Angel Friendz for the Monday blues moments. Get lost in the music on the bus to school, thinking back on the weekend, and forwards to the next.

Matched here with British DJ/Producer James Blake, featuring US Hip Hop artist Chance the Rapper, collaborating for the first time on a remix track titled ‘Life Round Here’.

Pink – Nurturing

Liss – Try

Not everything in life needs to be so serious, and that’s what the pink Music Angel Friendz is for.

The young Danish band Liss are a group of 16 year-olds that’ve been making waves in their homeland, with their mix of soulful pop ballads, and fun melodies.

Silver – Reflective

Vince Staples – Jump Off The Roof

If you’re a hip hop fan, this is the one for you to listen to the best bars on. If you know your Stormzy from your Snoop, and your Kanye from your Kano; the Music Angel Friendz in silver is the one for you.

Matched up here with emerging US rapper Vic Mensa, who Odd Future are backing right now, and his track ‘Jump Off The Roof’. Mark our words, this guys is gonna be huge.

Purple – Old School

Kelis – Millionaire

If you like throwing back to the early 2000’s, maybe get some older tracks filling your room, the purple Music Angel Friendz will help take you there.

Throwing back 13 years to Kelis’ chart smasher with Andre 3000 ‘Millionaire’ if you’re looking for a fun track with a good beat, the two of them can fill your every desire.

Green – Positive

James Bay – Let It Go

Sometimes you need a little bit of acoustic love in your life, and there’s no better way to listen to it than sitting in your room with the music blaring. We reckon the green Music Angel Friendz is the best way to do it 😉

We’re loving UK singer/songwriter James Bay right now, and his track ‘Let It Go’ is the perfect accompaniment to any moments where you need some reflection.

Orange – Warmth

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

Orange is the colour of joy and creativity, and if you’re creating, you need some creative music to listen to. If you’re looking for a warm bubbly way to listen to your favourite music, the Music Angel Friendz in orange is the way to do it.

Paired up with UK folk outfit Mumford & Sons, and their worldwide hit ‘Little Lion Man’ is one of the best ways to enjoy your music experience.

Red – Physical

Kygo – Firestone

Red is all about intensity, passion, action and energy; and there’s no better type of music than dance to match it with than some of the dance floors biggest hits. If you’re a dance fanatic, then we recommend the red Music Angel Friendz with it’s superior sound quality to blast out the latest hits.

Obviously being a Norwegian company, we’re backing our boy Kygo on his bid for world domination right now. His club hit ‘Firestone’ has over 200 million hits on YouTube and counting. Looks like he’s on the right path…

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